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How can two people be equally successful even if they go about their chosen profession in completely different ways? A baseball pitcher may pitch overhand or sidearm, fast or slow-and they may enjoy the same level of success. Batters, too, are successful with different approaches: some kick high before hitting the ball and others hardly move their front foot at all. No matter what field it is, those who enjoy success have a system that works for them. It's a system they believe in, practice, and use. And here's the key: it's customized to them. This book will guide you through a transformational process of discovering and embracing success. It proposes that five Ps-purpose, principle, people, passion, and perseverance-are critical to realizing goals. Get a proven system that will help you overcome barriers to achieve breakthroughs with the lessons and insights in Achieve.

Achieve: The 5 P Process (Paperback)

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